Andrej Sekera – Hej Shoots, Hej Scores, Hej Soars!

Call him Bobbyj Orr.  Or maybe Bobby Orrj.

Lately, the best way to capture the blur that is Andrej Sekera is in still motion photography.

Or be a buzz-kill and call it an unfair comparison.  In any event, Andrej Sekera has been putting on an Orr-esque show lately, since returning from a one game stint in Lindy Ruff’s doghouse.  Since he got back on the ice, it has been a hockey coming out party, and it seems like there is no one on the ice that can stop him.

Andrej has 2 points in 4 consecutive games since his return, and dare I say, he is playing to suit those two 4’s that he carries on his back.  He is playing as if he is channeling a certain legend of “y’Orr.”

Here is our Andrej, on the rush:

Now that’s old time hockey.  Here’s Andrej as an unstoppable speed demon around the net:

Now, hit the 5:18 and then the 6:55 marks of this video:

Ok, ok – I admit – that is 7+ minute stretch of Orr miracles, and there are plenty more to choose from in the Orr video pantheon.  Still, for the last 4 games, Sekera is nearly leaping out of his skates on the rush, and on many shifts, looks simply like the best player on the ice.

Call him Orrj, call him Andrej – but in this feverish push to the playoffs, all that really matters is that Sekera is doing this now – in the most important clutch-run of the regular season.  Now unleashed by Ruff, maybe, just maybe, he is finally hitting his stride, and showing the NHL what he can really do.

Keep skating, Andrej.  If the Sabres make the playoffs, maybe, just maybe, we could have a 7 minute video of “Orrj” highlights of our own.

Go Sabres.


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