Firstly, I’d like to thank you for reading. Secondly, I’d like to thank you for coming back. Writing is a very humbling experience, but it is also very special to create something that is thrilling for friends, peers, or even someone you don’t know.

I’ve been around the globe a lot in my life, and have lived far, far away from my sport passions – the Bills and Sabres. I’ve always kept them on my radar though, and through the years the portion of the brian that carries sports information has gotten very deeply grooved.

It’s tough to land writing jobs when constantly on the move, so I’ve had moderate success earning money with writing. You can help me out on that by checking my articles out on Suite101.com – there’s a handy link on the sidebar.

Meanwhile, I have found great joy (editor free) with this blog. It’s my re-connection to the Buffalo sports community, and I feel like I am now a bigger part of the team of fans, players, commentators, and everyone else involved in making the whole shebang so much fun.

Yea, I’ve been around, only recently having finally re-settled in WNY. This time, I think I’ll stay – thanks for having me, folks.

Find me on Twitter: @ScottyMCSS

Send me an email: buffalo74blog@yahoo.com


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