Every Game is Game Seven

Who needs to go to the movies these days?

The Sabres have been playing some pretty intense games lately – especially since Terrence Pegula took over the team.  Since then, the team remains undefeated in regulation, posting 4 wins, an OT loss, and a SO loss.  Currently, on what is a  season-defining 14 point road trip, they have gained 5 of 6 points.

Hockey Jobu still awaits your offering on buffalo74.

The drive to the playoffs has been a coming of age story for the Blue and Gold, combined with the arrival of a True Father, and plenty of thunderous hits and explosive goals to go around.  It’s like a summer blockbuster, just a few months extra-early.

While the drama continues to play itself out, the Sabres have been inching closer and closer to that 8th and final playoff spot in the Eastern Conference.  The Sabres still sit in 9th place after today’s matinee-blockbuster-come-from-behind-suspense-story against the Philadelphia Flyers, but not by much.

With 70 points, the Sabres are only 1 point behind Carolina for 8th, and a mere 2 points behind New York for 7th.  Buffalo still has 2 games in hand over the Canes, and 3 over the Rangers.

Indeed, tomorrow Buffalo faces off against Minnesota suddenly with 7th place within grasp.  But they have to win.

What fun!

Don't forget to print out your Twitter Bingo cards for the stretch run, courtesy of buffalo74.

Being in 9th place is both a horrible and wonderful place to be for fans sometimes.  The Rangers, Hurricanes, Sabres, and even the Maple Leafs are making a final charge for those last two available post season berths.  All four teams are playing their guts out, and I’d be remiss if I didn’t admit that this was the most exciting hockey I’ve witnessed for a number of years.

Every day is Game Seven.  Win or Die.  That’s a matinee worth paying a dime for.

Meanwhile, in case you missed it, buffalo74 has added some of its own goodtimes novelty to this guts-on-the-table thrill ride.  Make sure you check out the two recent posts about online hockey voodoo offerings and Twitter BINGO.  Game Seven is a party, folks, and we have about 18 of them left.

Party on.

Go Sabres.


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