Rick Jeanneret to Retire?

Of course, we’re all hoping that Rick Jeanneret stays in the broadcast booth well beyond the 2012-13 NHL season. But we are still awaiting word from him.

For more, head on over to Buffalo Sabres Nation.


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Sabres Devils BINGO: Special Valentine’s Day Edition!

For those of you sorry souls single on this Hallmark holiday – you’re in luck!

It’s not just a holiday, it’s also Sabres BINGO day – you now have TWO reasons to roll your eyes. Whoopee!*

The Sabres will be taking on their long time late night partner, the New Jersey Devils, in what can only be expected to be a snoozefest of epic defensive proportions. Perhaps a goal may be scored in this game, perhaps even two. But again, for my single friends out there, at least that’s some kind of scoring.

Love is in the air, and there May be smooches.

Today’s winner receives a free video recording of yourself to be included in next-season’s “live” Kiss-Cam at the FN’ Center. Unless you’re single – in that case, you get nothing. Such is the depressing nature of this romantic day day of begrudging fornication.

Good luck!

(As always, click to re-size.)

Oh, and in case you’re oddly curious, here’s a list of NHLers born on November 14th.

Go Sabres.

*See what I did there?

And hey – if you suck at holidays and forgot/don’t care to buy a gift for your loved one, why not head on over to Hockey Heaven and buy a little somethin’ somethin’ for yourself?

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Sabres Confirm Roy on Twitter; Important Rules for Fans

It appears the player-mandated ban on public Twitter accounts may finally be over.

In case you missed it, Phil over at “Black & Blue & Gold” posted a list of Sabres prospects and players that are now on the social media service. Fans have always been anxious to follow their favorite players on Twitter, and have been burned by fake accounts before.

This time, Kevin Snow and the Sabres’ New Media Staff are working on verifying the accounts.

To read more, click here.

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Can the Shootout Revive Kotalik’s Career With the Sabres?

For Ales Kotalik, making the 2011-12 Sabres squad looks like a long shot, but he has at least one gimmick up his sleeve.

Ales Kotalik’s $3 million cap hit doesn’t bode well for a guy determined to make the Buffalo’s opening night roster. His plummet in production over the last few seasons with Edmonton, New York (Rangers), and Calgary (so much for a no-trade clause) is downright foreboding. What’s more, Ales skates on the right side, and will be competing with a group of already entrenched right wingers in Pominville, Stafford, Boyes, and Kaleta.

Still, if there is one thing that the Pegula Era has taught us, it is that the salary of a player doesn’t matter. If he can be effective, and if he can fit under the salary cap, he’ll stick. And AlKo’s stick schtick might help him do just that.

To read more, click here.

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The Robyn Regehr Trade: A Calgary Perspective

How is Calgary reacting to the trade that sent Robyn Regehr, Ales Kotalik and a 2nd round pick to Buffalo for Chris Butler and Paul Byron?

Well, we consulted The Hockey News, Calgary blogs, and of course, the infamous “HF Boards” to find out.

To read more, click here.

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Drew MacIntyre: What you Need to Know about Our New Goaltender

While everyone was focused on the Ehrhoff and Leino sigings and the Regehr trade, the Sabres quietly added a very good netminder to the organization.

MacIntyre will be in Rochester for the 2011-12 season (barring any injuries at HSBC), but just how good is this guy? To get more info on him, we headed straight over to The “The Goalie Guild,” an information and scouting destination for all things netminder related. Justin Goldman, member of the Pro Hockey Writers Association and contributor to NHL.com, is one of the best minds to pick when it comes to what to expect from a anyone wearing a goaltender’s mask.

Goldman gave us a full profile on MacIntyre, and you’re going to like what he had to say.

For more, click here.

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10 Questions with Sabres Prospect, Dan Catenacci

“With the 77th pick in the 2011 NHL Entry Draft, the Buffalo Sabres select Daniel Catenacci.”


We’ve talked about his stats and achievements already, but we thought it would be great to know more about one of Hockey Heaven’s newest and most promising draft picks. Well, Daniel was quick to agree to an interview with us, a small but down to earth kind of gesture that makes me think he’ll be a great fit in the City of Good Neighbors.

To read what he had to say, click here.

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