Pegula Era, Cap Crunch Changing Fans’ Perception of Players

It’s nothing personal.

We’re running a business now here in Buffalo, and our business goal is the Stanley Cup. Anything or anyone that gets in the way of that better watch out, because we’re all becoming a little bossy when it comes down to the employees that wear Blue and Gold sweaters.

Things are getting ugly.

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The Ehrhoff Signing: a Vancouver Perspective

“Don’t hassle the Ehrhoff.”

There’s your banner for the 300 level.

Fans in Buffalo were pleased and shocked when the Sabres traded for the rights to negotiate with and then signed Christian Ehrhoff – pleased because a player of his caliber decided to come to Buffalo, and shocked because a player of his caliber decided to come to Buffalo. He didn’t come cheap. From the Vancouver Sun:

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The Leino Signing: Analysis from Philadelphia

By now, the UFA buzz in your brains should have cleared up.

It’s officially Summer for hockey fans.  Time to sit back, re-set our rosters on NHL ’11, and hunker down for what should be a quiet offseason from here on out (barring a sudden trade, of course).

It’s also a good time to re-visit the signing of UFA Ville Leino.

What about our counterparts in Philadelphia? What do they think about the Leino signing? I dropped in on a few Philadelphia blogs to find that out, and once I survived that journey into that Heart of Darkness, the intel I brought back with me was both good and bad.

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July 1st “UFA Day” Live Chat

This is going to be some wild fun.

Because of that whole wild part, the guys over at “The Goose’s Roost” are launching their annual live chat to cover all the madness of the day.

We’ll be taking part in hosting this thing, so please, come and join us.

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So What, Exactly, is Hockey Heaven?

We’re not elitists.

There is no sense of entitlement in this town. But since Terry Pegula arrived on February 22nd, 2011 (forever hereafter to be known as “Pegula Day” to Sabres Nation), there is a sense of confidence.

There is a belief.

For perhaps the first time in the storied history of the Buffalo Sabres franchise, the fan base is compelled to a certitude that the Stanley Cup will be won. It may take years, but it will be won.

It’s not just about that Cup though, folks. “Hockey Heaven” is not a destination, it’s a way of life. It’s the…

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Regehr to Buffalo: It’s Official

Welcome to Hockey Heaven, Robyn.

For details on the trade, click here.

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The Vancouver Riots, and the Buffalo Rallies

What a difference a timezone or two can make.

After the most recent riots in Vancouver, we did some digging into the sporting history here in WNY, and uncovered some real stark comparisons between Vancouver and Buffalo.

What we found was a new appreciation for what it means to be a fan of the Bills and Sabres.

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