Top 10 Sabres GIFs from 2010-11

A picture says a thousand words.  A GIF says a thousand words, over, and over, and over again.

A GIF file, for those of you who are unfamiliar with them, is used to display small animations and low-resolution film clips.

SabresLogo1 300x248 Top Ten 2010 2011 Sabres GIFs

Not a GIF.

Our compilation of the top ten GIFs from the Sabres’ 2010-11 season contains moments from the regular season, from the playoffs, and from the moments in-between that made us all a little more aware of our breathing, as it was being taken away.

Not everyone will agree that each of these are of the most memorable or important games of the season.  That’s ok.  GIF files aren’t a thesis – they are just a means to convey one powerful moment, be it silly, outrageous, shocking, or sentimental.

Simply put: enjoy.

To check ’em out, head on over to “Buffalo Sabres Nation.


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