Buffalo74 Skates into the Sunset

All great stories come to an end.

In the beginning of buffalo74, there was this:

Love this movie.

I couldn’t imagine better bookends for this blog than the movie Buffalo ’66: borne with a saucy attitude towards the anemic, stale, ironic state of buffalo sports, and endin’ with a much welcomed dream (see the pic below).

And that dream/story now is Hockey Heaven (sorry Thurman).

For me, buffalo74 has been just that – a great, and unexpected story.  Creating buffalo74 back in January (out of sheer boredom) was pure whimsy. At my wit’s end over the current state of Buffalo sports, I needed to do something to entertain myself.

I never expected the site to take off like it did.

What I have done in my short time here, I hope, is to provide to many other folks out there a source of information and entertainment as the season rolled along, (and as the offseason began).  Heck, it’s all I ever wanted, for myself.  It’s thrilling to be told that so many others have enjoyed the ride with me.

Now it’s on to better things – better for the quality of content that I produce, and better for the fans who kept asking me for more.  (To all of you who did, I humbly thank you for all of those wonderful well-wishes.)

So, buffalo74 fans, allow me to introduce you to “Buffalo Sabres Nation.

I’ve entered into a wonderful opportunity to help start a new website that will not only feature posts, but also podcasts, guest spots, interviews, and more and more cool stuff as the site continues to grow.  There’ll be cool swag, and sweet merch.

“Plenty more comin’ up in a moment!” comes quickly to mind, and I am very, very excited about all the ideas and plans that are in the works for this new online Sabres destination.

Please come along with me.

And bring your friends.

Go Sabres.

*And oh yes, there will be BINGO.


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