NFL Undrafted Class of 2011: QB’s

Long live the Amish Rifle.

It's time to beard-up for at least one more season.

At least for one more season.  The undrafted free agent QB class of 2011 is heralded by Pat Devlin and Scott Tolzien, both of which could challenge for a spot on any NFL team – on the practice squad.

There has been some buzz about these two players since the conclusion of the draft, so it’s worth taking a look at these two in order to kill any wild beer-fed speculation that either of these signal callers is suddenly a steal.

First off: Devlin:

“Lacks confidence, on field leadership presence, and too often plays hesitantly.”  Ouch.

Next up: Tolzien:

“Overall Tolzien is a small-framed, soft-armed, over-achiever.”  Well-dang.

Bear in mind that the Bills only have two gunslingers on their roster right now, Ryan Fitzpatrick, and last year’s 7th round draft darling, Levi Brown.  That’s good news for both Devlin and Tolzien, who, despite their flaws, could plausibly beat out Brown for the 3rd QB position (the Bills are slated to sign a veteran to back up Fitzgerald).

Also, despite all of this, both of these guys will likely find a home on some NFL team’s practice squad, somewhere – which means that they will basically be fed a paycheck to sling footballs around during practice.

And that’s not the worst gig.

COMING UP:  An undrafted free agent that every NFL team should be drooling over. Stay tuned.

Go Bills.


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