Whitner Hits the Road Running… his Mouth

Sometimes it is hard to say goodbye.

Not this time.  It was made clear that Donte Whitner will not be back with the Bills this year, in a statement by Buddy Nix on the “Shredd and Ragan Show” on WEDG.

“Donte Whitner I don’t think wants to be here, and he probably won’t.”

The announcement should surprise no one – especially followers of Whitner’s Twitter account, which recently contained these gems:

Actually, the real joke was Whitner being taken in the 1st round.

Nothing like announcing your GM's plans to the public.

Prozac can fix that.

I remember arguments like this on the playground.

Some folks will agree with Whitner and say he has the freedom to say whatever he wants to say in the big ol’ USA.  He certainly does have that freedom, just like anyone else – and just like anyone else, he also needs to remember how one’s mouth or one’s tweets can run their career into the ground.

Maybe Whitner simply knew he was on the outs already, and wanted to go out in a blaze of public glory.  In any case, it was a bad choice.  NFL GM’s looking for stable, dependable personalities for their locker room will be looking somewhere else after this silly outburst.

It’s not the first time he’s been noticed on Twitter for the wrong reasons – back in February news agencies noticed that he was retweeting every news item on Twitter related to the Bills looking at free agent safeties to replace him.

That’s just a bit creepy, but at least the creepshow is over.  Whitner is now free to take his talents and his Twitter account to another football team.  His agent might want to take him to a PR class beforehand.

Go Bills.

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1 Response to Whitner Hits the Road Running… his Mouth

  1. Mike says:

    Safety wanted who was a first round draft pick, but a reach, will reliably tackle at least 30 yards after the line of scrimmage (unless he misses) and then celebrate, and who will guarantee victories and playoffs loudly to whoever will listen in the media… then fail to deliver. I don’t know who wouldn’t want him.
    He said he wanted to be back with Jauron in Cleveland, his hometown. Sounds perfect. I expect Fitzpatrick to have 300 yards and four touchdowns the week the Bills play them.

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