UFA Fairytale Frenzy 2011: Brad Richards

Shoot for the Stars!

Reports out of Dallas pitch Brad Richards as an UFA likely to leave the city unless an ownership issue is resolved.  While the NHL waits for that issue to be cleared up, various rumor mongers are doing their best to muck up the story otherwise.

From Bruce Garrioch of the Ottawa Sun:

“(Richards) turned down what sources say was a ‘fair market’ extension from the Stars, but has declared he wants to stay. There is some talk Richards wants a long-term deal in the eight-year range if he’s going to stay. Nobody wants to give out those deals with the CBA expiring in 16 months. The Kings, Rangers and Sabres are in hot pursuit with Los Angeles GM Dean Lombardi under pressure to add scoring.”

Fans of buffalo74 should already be well acquainted with Garrioch and his leaps of logic when “verifying” his rumor board.  From “Rumors Gone Wild: Sabres to deal for Richards, Stastny:”

Don't forget the recent concussion, folks.

“Pegula wants to shake the Sabres’ foundation. A major move would send a message.”

I don’t think Garrioch paid much attention to the Pegula Presser, wherein Pegula was adamant that there is no panic in his plans with the Sabres.  He is not looking to make a trade just to “shake the Sabres’ foundation.”  Goodness, that is a dramatic assumption.  Both Pegula and Darcy Regier have stated that if any trades are made, they will be carefully made decisions, and they will be made for the long-term benefit of the team.

Aside from that dramatic leap of faith by Garrioch, his rumor synopsis can be further broken apart like this: the words “could,” “if,” “might,” and “pretty much” provide the shaky foundation of this work of art.  Then, his argument sprawls out into a series of “if, then” assumptions, without any actual evidence to validate the information he is putting into print.  An “if, then” argument sort of goes like this:

“If there is a hedgehog in my gas tank, then my car will not start.
My car will not start.
Hence, there must be a hedgehog in my gas tank.”

In other words: if Regier has been given the green light, then he will be in on Richards and Stastny.  If Derek Roy is injured, then the Sabres are looking for a replacement.  If Richards and Stastny might possibly be moved, then Regier is going to be in on it.

Heck, throw in Brian Burke and Dean Lombardi, to add some punch.  Sneak in a “would” in the last sentence.  Day’s work done.

I think it’s safe to say that Garrioch has a hedgehog in his gas tank.

If Garrioch believes that Pegula has since shifted his plan, and is willing to put all his capital into one player, then he is egregiously misinformed (again).  Reiger will spend what he can upwards to the cap, but will have to keep money on hand to afford AHL call-ups in the event of injury, and be able to resign his own UFA and RFA players.  From there, Reiger is going to see who he can wrangle into the Sabres’ roster.

Yes, Brad Richards is an UFA – but he is far from available just yet.

In any event, all the wild speculation makes for a good ride in the offseason.  Even if that ride is fueled by a bunch of hedgehogs.

Go Sabres.

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