Michael Jasper’s Workout will Scare You

6-4, and up to 440 pounds.

That’s a big, big man.  One who can run the 40 in 5.58 seconds, and can dunk a basketball with both hands.

And then there is this:

Normally, when I watch such a workout, I think to myself, “There’s another guy, lifting weights. Yawn. I think I’ll get a beer.”  With Jasper, I find myself wondering what mythological Titan this guy descends from, (and could likely beat up/devour), and if he is going to bounce that medicine ball through the concrete wall.

Jasper, the final 7th round selection of the Bills, will have to do a lot to turn this raw talent into enough success to make more than the practice squad this season.

But if he doesn’t, he can always move to Hollywood to star in superhero flicks: he’s save producers a heckuva lot of money on CGI.

Go Bills.


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