Bills Draft Grade: Rounds 1-3

This grade is going to be given on the gridiron.

The Buffalo Bills new regime declined to select a quarterback in their second draft, opting instead to spend their first three picks on defense, defense, and more defense.

The Bills intercepted Williams' slide from the 1st round with the 34th pick overall.

Marcell Dareus was the obvious choice in the first round – frankly, he should have gone first overall, in a more sane football world.  Curiously, the Bills selected FS Aaron Williams in the second round, forgoing more pressing needs on the offensive line, and the need to find a franchise QB.  They passed again in the 3rd round, selecting ILB Kelvin Sheppard, a player they became enamoured with during the Senior Bowl, but also a player they could have likely selected in the 4th round.

The Bills simply weren’t sold on any of the remaining QB’s to take a leap of faith. Meanwhile, one of the higher touted QB prospects, Ryan Mallett, was scooped up by their AFC East divisional rival, the New England Patriots.

How convenient.

Bills fans will get to know two things for certain: how good this 2011 Bills draft class, and how good Ryan Mallet is – eventually, Mallett will be facing Marcell Dareus, Aaron Williams, and Kelvin Sheppard on some given Sunday.

For now, buffalo74 will give the Bills a B+ for these 3 picks.  Dareus is going to be a defensive centerpiece for many years, Williams should have gone in the first round, and Sheppard will help to service the need to stop the run.

Meanwhile, Belichick and his Patriots will be more than happy to let us all know if it was wise to pass on Mallett soon enough.

Go Bills.


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