Ryan Mallett’s Issues Debunked

It’s Round Two Day!

There’s a great opportunity awaiting the Bills when they make their second pick, with studs like Ayers, Bowers, Kaepernick, Dalton, and Mallett available after the conclusion of round one last night.

“What? Ryan Mallett?” you say?

This kid could knock the eye out of an eagle at 300 ft.

Yup.  Before you bang on the “comments” section below and rip me a new pigskin, head on over to this article and read up on #15.  He might be exactly what the Bills are looking for. Beyond examining the alleged character/personality issues, the investigative article goes profoundly into his abilities on the football field.

It’s a great pre-6pm read.  It the Bills take Mallett, it will be a must, must read.

Tip-o-the-sunglasses to Jeremy White over at WGR for providing the link.

Go Bills.


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One Response to Ryan Mallett’s Issues Debunked

  1. S. Tooth says:

    I’ll buy him heroin and sell him my clean pee if he’s any kind of quarterback.

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