A “Thank You Sabres/Thank You Pegula” Rally?

This seasons’ end needs a rally.

If there is anything of this season that my hockey mind will remember until the day I die, it will be the purchase of the Buffalo Sabres by Terry Pegula.

Ok, I will also remember Mike Grier’s flubbed attempt to block a shot with his hand with 20 seconds left in the 1st period.

It's time for a 2010-11 edition.

Mainly though, I will remember the incredible 16-4-4 charge into the playoffs, all of the improvements Pegula quickly made, and the amazing promise of next season.  It’s the morning after a crushing Game Seven loss, but upon waking this morning, I didn’t feel like I just crawled out of a hockey grave.

Instead, I woke up antsy for October.

Pegula, Black, and Co. had the gusto to promise the Queen City a Stanley Cup.  They have the guts and the tools to get it done.

The Sabres mighty run may have ended with disaster, but it is impossible to not be proud of the boys in Blue and Gold, and bursting with hope for the future.

The last little rally fans tried – the “Birthday Rally,” if you want to call it that, was a pretty small affair organized over just a few hours over one Saturday night and into Sunday morning.

This time, let’s get this done the right way.

Time to organize!  Tweet your ideas to the hashtag #SabresRally, comment here on this post, and let Terry know that we are coming by sending messages to @SabresDotCom.

The season may be over, but the fun has just begun.

Go Sabres.


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4 Responses to A “Thank You Sabres/Thank You Pegula” Rally?

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  2. Hello Mr. Pegula,
    I just wanted to thank-you for giving my wife and two boys a dream of watching you transform the Sabres into the team we, their parents and their deceased grandparents remembered. I was disabled in 2002 and trying to find somebody who will hire a 20-year design/engineer veteran working on my Masters which will be finished by May of 2012.
    If you could ever make it possible for people who can’t afford even the lowest priced tickets, please let us know. Our youngest son has been, after a long legal battle, refused to be put into a normal high school curriculum , even though his doctor wrote a prescription that he must be allowed in regular gym class was denied by the 100% women, who now control the Lockport School District.

    • scottymcss says:

      I’m not sure if you’ll be successful with your efforts via this website, but I’ll pass your story on. Who knows what Hockey Heaven may bring, right?

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