Game 5: Flyers Vow to Hit; Playground Mentality in “Full Swing”

The war of words will be fought with B.S.

Yet another suggestive message from Captain Richards.

At least, it will be according to the Flyers and Sabres.  Mike Richards blasted officials and Lindy Ruff yesterday, saying “You’d hope something was going to happen, I guess, but if not, we can’t worry about that stuff. We’ve got to key on their players and not cross that boundary, and I think we’ve been disciplined up to this point.  Obviously it can be better, but at the same time we’ve done a lot of good things in walking away from the scrums and, um, not kind of feeding into their B.S.”

The “B.S.” was likely the comments of Ruff after Game 4.  “They’re really doing a lot of whining,” Ruff said. “I didn’t hear a lot of whining when they had 10 power plays in Philly, and I didn’t hear them whining when the power plays in the first game were lopsided. But all of a sudden there’s all this whining about we’re getting away with murder. That’s a bunch of crap. That’s for the media. That’s for the officials to read. That’s for, ‘Here, let’s get the next call.’ That’s a bunch of crap. Let’s just play.”

Welcome to the jungle.

Oh, the drama.

Welcome to the world of off-ice playoff mind games, where every day between games is chock full of playground politics – antics and comments made to rile up your opponent before that 3pm fight at the swingset.


As a fan, I can’t help but get annoyed at this juvenile jockeying.  Frankly, reading these quotes being spat between teams is like skimming down a thread at HF Boards – if you ever need a heavy dose of spiteful witty opinions, that is your prime year-round destination.  Otherwise, tune in for the professional version: the just as angry but half as witty exchange between actual players and coaches between playoff games.

From the Flyers camp, a couple nuggets of actual information came out of yesterday’s jabbering.  Chris Pronger might finally make an appearance in the series for Game Five. Pronger would make an immediate impact on the Flyers’ strategy, which Kimmo Timonen had already been hinting at.

He's going to hit. As soon as he changes out of his suit.

According to Kimmo:  “I don’t usually get mad, but once things get out of control and there’s hitting from behind and hitting to the head, hitting after the whistle, those are things I can’t take, and sometimes you get emotional about it.  But that was (Wednesday). I’m focused on (Friday). I’m expecting us to come out hard, really hard. I don’t know how many hits we had, but I’d say we have to double it for (Game 5). It’s going to be our fans and our rink, and we’re going to come out hard. Trust me.”

It may have taken him 93 words, but eventually he made his point: “We’re going to hit.”

So, in summary, a translation of the verbal kerfuffle:

  1. The Sabres are focused on the game
  2. Pronger might play
  3. The Flyers plan to hit

Meet you at the swingset at 7:30.

Go Sabres.


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2 Responses to Game 5: Flyers Vow to Hit; Playground Mentality in “Full Swing”

  1. RR61 says:

    So Kimmo was “emotional” when he speared Gerbe in the Wedding Vegetables? Hmmmmkay.

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