Who’s Up for a “Gold Out?”

“White outs” are so Winnipeg Jets Era.

Besides, in Buffalo, I think we’re more than happy to have seen our last white out of the season.  With yesterday’s snow – in mid-freaking-April – none of us want to hear the phrase “white out” anytime soon.  Thereby, that’s the last time you’ll have to read it in this post.

Instead, let’s talk “gold out.”

There was a small fan effort on Twitter today to get the HSBC crowd dressed up in golden tees for a home game against Philly.  Shirts would be on the seats, at the ready for fans upon arrival.  Once everyone is comfortably seated and appropriately dressed, the arena would look something like this – a picture from a Golden State Warriors game:

Theres gold in them thar stands!

Again, it was a small conversation, but the idea was awesome enough in itself to be noticed by the Pegula clan.

If you would like to see this plan come together, make sure to hop onto Twitter and send the request to @SabresDotCom, or contact the team through their website’s “suggestion box.”

Time is of the essence – there isn’t much clock left to make this happen – but the Pegulas have been able pull off plenty of miracles already.

Go Sabres.

UPDATE: Per the Pegula clan, this should actually happen for the second round.  All we need now is to crush the hated Flyers (not that the Sabres need any more motivation to do that).

Goodness.  Aren’t the playoffs fun?


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