Bills’ 2011 Schedule Ranks Among the Toughest in NFL

There will be no mercy on the Buffalo Bills or the hapless Carolina Panthers this season.

Carolina trumps Buffalo for the top spot on this year’s hardest schedule list.  Their partner in the top 3 of this year’s NFL draft, the Denver Broncos, share a tie for the third toughest grind.

From ESPN:

All's fair in love and football.

This news should come as no surprise to Bills fans, who perennially are faced with a difficult schedule by default, as a member as the tough, competitive AFC East.  Still, it would be nice to at least see the Pats up on that board, too.  Well, I suppose that they would be, if they didn’t face the Bills twice.

Oh, snap.

Tough schedule or not, the Bills are going to have to learn to put the better teams of the NFL away.  Maybe this grueling stretch will help the team finally learn what it takes to become a champion.

Go Bills.


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