Mustaches for Martin

“With great mustache comes great responsibility.”

Ok, quoting Family Guy might not be the best way to start off a post about a Rick Martin tribute, but then again, this is about fan playoff beards, which is easily one of the quirkiest phenomenons in the sport of watching hockey these days (besides, of course, anything happening in Vancouver right now).

The latest fan effort to emerge from the Twitter Sabres convo is “Mustaches for Martin,” a heart-felt push to convince fans to grow serious ‘staches instead of the traditional unkempt, mangy playoff beards.  It’s an awesome idea.  Besides the rallying power this has for fans, imagine how the city would look for tourists (on their way to Niagara Falls), or at least non-hockey fans (heretics), when thousands of hungover mustachioed Sabres fans are roaming the streets after game nite. How wonderfully creepy.

I’m in.

Are you man and fan enough?

Those interested in signing up to the ‘stache should announce their pledge on Twitter, at the hashtag #MustachesForMartin.  Support will pour into your “@Mentions” tab from hearty Sabres fans everywhere.  Indeed, it’s become a fast-growing and ardent community.

Those who cannot grow a mustache, be it because of gender or a faulty lip, can even buy the “Mustaches for Martin” tee, thanks to Sabres blog Shutdown Pair.

Meanwhile, fans have been dropping hints as best they can to the Sabres, to see if they can wrangle up some actual Sabres to join up.  It’s a real plausibility.  Heck, stranger things have happened – though not many things more awesome.  Feel free to tweet your support to @SabresDotCom #MustachesForMartin.

As for me, I am going out today to buy some mustache wax and a tiny comb – I have a feeling this lip is going to be pretty sexy by the time this run is done.

And now, back to where we started on this post:

Just keep the denim in your own home.  Anyone that comes dressed like this to the HSBC Arena should be prepared for hundreds of non-flattering photos to appear on the web the following morning.  Keep the culture cool, folks.

And in all seriousness, thanks again Richard Martin.  God, I hope we win it all for you this year.

Go Sabres.


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