Sabres Fans Unite on Twitter to Honor Jhonas Enroth

The Pegula Era is so much fun.

One of the nifty little activities that Pegula, Ted Black and Co. introduced to the Sabres fan base this season was a little feature called “Fan Tunes.”  Sabres fans were instructed to go on Twitter, and send a song selection to @SabresDotCom #SABRETUNES with the jukebox item of their choice.

The Sabres sift through the selections before every home game, and choose three to be played during the game.


Speaking of goodtimes, Jhonas Enroth has delivered just that for Sabres fans recently, going 2-0-1 with a .936 save percentage since Ryan Miller went down with injury.  In homage to the new rookie hero phenom, Sabres fans clamored today on Twitter to barrage @SabresDotCom with a hopeful demand: add Weezer’s “My Name is Jonas” to the list.

As Pegula promised, the Sabres listened to their fans yet again.  From tonight’s “Fan Guide:”

It’s nice to see that @SabresDotCom has a sense of humor, citing “Overwhelming Demand” over a more practical term such as “By Popular Demand.”

Well played, Sabres fans!  There is no doubt that Enroth will greatly appreciate this gesture of Sabres Nation.  Here is the song, for those of you not acquainted with it as yet:

Go Jhonas.

Go fans.

Go Sabres.


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