Drama in Buffalo! Miller Still Out; Enroth’s Helmet-less Save (Video)

The Ryan Miller injury drama continues for the Sabres.

That is terrible news for a team that has just three games left to secure a playoff spot, and nothing is guaranteed.

The Sabres remain in 7th place after yesterday’s overtime triumph over the Carolina Hurricanes, but failed to deliver the lethal blow in regulation time.  Carolina’s one point keeps them in contention for now, as they trail the Rangers by just 3 points for the eighth and final seed in the East.

With Miller not even able to practice yet, it looks like it might be up to Jhonas Enroth to backstop Buffalo all the way to the playoffs, and maybe even further from there.  Here’s to hoping that he stays focused, and doesn’t lose his head under the pressure.

Of course, losing his helmet is just fine.

What a spectacular save that was.  The clip will be in the 2010-11 highlight reel for certain, and with Miller out, Buffalo is going to need a lot more highlight work from their rookie netminder.

The entire season will now be defined by an injury, a rookie, and three quick games.  If you like drama, you’ve got it.

Go Sabres.

UPDATE: Miller took the ice after the Sabres’ practice today, skating in full gear. Buffalo remains unwilling to shed any light on the injury, but seeing him on the ice is great news for fans who are concerned the injury was a concussion.


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One Response to Drama in Buffalo! Miller Still Out; Enroth’s Helmet-less Save (Video)

  1. S. Tooth says:

    I’ll come right out and say it: Enroth is playing better than Miller right now anyway. Miller’s still number 1 and will be in the playoffs. But I’m not nervous at all, at least about Enroth’s performance in upcoming games. Let Miller get better for the playoffs, if we make it.

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