A New “Spin” on the Hurricanes’ Logo

A whole lotta’ people are pretty worked up about tonight’s “biggest game of the year, and I am serious this time, this one is it” event.

Did anyone say headache?  (Or beer for breakfast?)

It’s the Buffalo Sabres versus the Carolina Hurricanes in Raleigh, for what could determine the playoff fates for both teams.  Ok, that is pretty big.  Still, there is a lot of time to get an ulcer between now and then, so go ahead and pop open a southern-style Johnny Cash Sunday Mornin’ beer, and have a look at the “memes” I created for y’all below.

Relax, and try to have some fun – and make sure you head on over to the meme generator here to make and share your own zippy Canes memes.

Yep.  Just relax.  It’s just a game, right?  Right?

A little Sunday morning prognostication on my part. You're welcome!

They'd be "Les Quebec Ouragan" if they did.

"Flush the Canes!!" New rally call?

I guess we're safe from Poltergeists now, since HD TV doesn't air "snow." Phew!

Did you know fans can bring their own beer into a NASCAR event? (Because it's all about the race. Riiiight.)


Sorry about that last one.

Make sure you share your memes on Twitter, and try to have fun today, folks!

Go Sabres.

*Tip-o-the-sunglasses to Phil over at “Black & Blue & Gold” for directing me to this wonderful little meme game a little while back.


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One Response to A New “Spin” on the Hurricanes’ Logo

  1. Alex says:

    To be fair, I turned Phil onto it. 😛


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