Beware the Sabres on April 1st

I hate to be a spoilsport.

Still, sportsfans be warned: on the eve of April Fool’s Day, fans might want to bear in mind that there will be plenty of joke headlines out there tomorrow.  Sources would not confirm what sort of hijinks the Pegula-Era Sabres might entertain, so here is a clip of what went down way back in 1990:

For the record, Cameraman Don Sellon represented the late great Ted Darling, Cameraman Dan Neaverth, Jr. was playing the role of Mike Robitaille, Video Engineer Gary Walters portrayed Danny Gare, and Audio Engineer Phil Chordas acted in the role of John Gurtler.

Hit the 2:25 mark for a classy moment where “Ted Darling” gets goosed by a Buffalo “player.”

Go Sabres.


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One Response to Beware the Sabres on April 1st

  1. Jonahan says:

    Effing brilliant!

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