A Sabres-Twitter-HSBC Connection?

A random thought from tonight’s game, that seemed to get a lot of positive traction during Sabres Twitter Game Chat:

For example, "HSBC fans - get a chant going already!"

It’s the 21st century – expanding the fan experience of the Arena to the entirety of Sabres Nation would be incredibly empowering for a huge fan base that is spread far and wide.

It would also just be a lot of fun – especially on quiet nights, to help get the place rocking.

If we are lucky, it would also be quite handy on nights when thousands of ipod wielding fans are attending the Party in the Plaza outside the HSBC Arena, because they couldn’t get tickets for the playoffs.

If you like the idea, head on over to the Sabres’ suggestion box and let them know.  You may also find this tweet on my profile @ScottyMCSS, and retweet it to @SabresDotCom (or just retype it).


Go Sabres.


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7 Responses to A Sabres-Twitter-HSBC Connection?

  1. brian s. says:

    I think this is a horrible idea. Twitter has it’s place, but over reactions are common on that media and, to me, would not fit in the arena. The only time I would even consider it as being acceptable is during intermissions when not much is going on.

  2. Nothing gets me “rocking” like a well placed jumbotron tweet. Let’s try again.

  3. Nick says:

    It’s a cool idea (and a good way to get Twitter exposure) but if the Sabres are filtering through tweets, they are only going to pluck the ones that view them in the most positive light, not necessarily the ones that raise the most insightful points — which (hopefully) is what we’re doing on Twitter in the first place.

    I don’t want to see @JohnQfromblo ‘s tweet on the scoreboard saying how much he loves the Sabres or @JaneDoe716 saying Derek Roy is so good looking and Thomas Vanek should be in the Hall of Fame.

    I can see it turning into some kind of contest, too, to see who can get the most tweets put up. The last thing we need are Twitter fights with someone saying why is so-and-so getting their tweets up when they are so stupid and my awesome ones never get put up.

    I like the idea, especially during intermissions and media timeouts, but you already know what will happen when it’s left in the hands of the PR department. Not knocking them for doing their job, but we know what to expect.

    • scottymcss says:

      I believe the idea was already rejected by the Sabres (been a while since I even wrote in this blog), but we’ll see what the power of @LindyRuffsTie can evoke.

      It could certainly be hokey, but as a veteran of living as an out-of-state fan, a connection to the games like this would be wonderful.

      This idea aside, it will be very interesting to see how the Sabres grow their social media interactions as that realm grows and grows. It’s quite a resource for teams and their fans now.

      • scottymcss says:

        Then again, it looks like it actually might happen…

        Buffalo Sabres
        @LindyRuffsTie Great idea! You can expect to see similar changes happening this season.

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