Mike Zigomanis, Derek Plante, and Brett Hull: One Very Weird Sabres Story

It’s a day off for Sabres fans: no game tonight, and no need to pay attention to any hockey games as nothing can happen tonight to affect the Sabres playoff chances.

If you are finding yourself scratching traveling itches or twitching in withdrawl, here’s a fancy read from the “Ultimate Buffalo Sabres Factoid Miscellany.”


June, 2001:

The Sabres desperately fax a contract sheet for Mike Zigomanis to the NHL for approval at the signing deadline, at the eleventh hour/minute/second/oh heck, they were a comma short and a minute too late to make the correction.

While the fax did reach the NHL in time – just in time – there was a “problem with the content of the documentation,” and Ziggy had to re-enter the draft.

Zigomanis went on to become an Ace Faceoff King for the dreaded Pittsburgh Penguins.

Looks like "Cartoon-Ziggy" is about to miss a deadline, too.

If that nonsense is not enough, there is a second part to the debacle.

It wasn’t just Zigomanis that the Sabres lost to a typo. They had already traded once-Sabres-rookie-of-the-year Derek Plante to the Dallas Stars in 1999 for the draft pick that Buffalo then used to get Zigomanis.

A Feel Good Ending?

Karma strikes the Sabres, as Derek Plante returned to Buffalo to face off against his former Sabres teammates in the controversial 1999 Stanley Cup finals.

Lord Stanley would soon have a prolonged stay in Cloquet, Minnesota that summer, as resident Derek Plante returned with the iconic trophy alongside none other than Brett Hull, who liked to spend summers in the area on Pike Lake (so he could put his foot in its crease).

I don’t think Regier, or anyone, could have seen that ridiculous result coming from all of this.

Go Sabres.


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