For Sabres and Canes, it’s a Seven Game Series

What a race to the playoffs it has been.

With 7 games left apiece between the Sabres and Canes, one could almost consider it a pseudo-7 game playoff series between the two, to see who makes it into the playoffs.  That is, except for the 5 point advantage that Buffalo holds going in.

Indeed, it will take a big collapse by Buffalo and a near winning-out for Carolina to usurp Buffalo for the 8th seed, but it is still possible.

Meanwhile, the Sabres only trail the Rangers by 2 points, with one game in hand over the blue-shirts.  The Sabres are also only 2 points behind Montreal, who are desperately clinging onto the 6th seed.

Montreal has lost 3 straight, and is only 4-6-0 in its last ten games.  It’s a crazy time of year: the Sabres could finish anywhere from 9th to 6th.

Buffalo heads up to Toronto for their last game of the season against the Leafs on Tuesday night, before hosting the New York Rangers the night after.  Carolina will likely face its last stand against Buffalo in Raleigh on April 3rd.

Things in Carolina are getting very, very desperate for not just the team as well.  Bang on the link for a nice run down by Phil over at Black & Blue & Gold on the sheer panic striking the “Caneiac” fan base down in North Carolina.

Go Sabres.


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