Sabres Fans to Invade Raleigh on April 3rd: “Operation Trojan Slug”

To paraphrase the Sabres’ recent goal song:

“Hoorah hoorah hoorah yea! Down to the South with the swords of 1,000 fans!”

With the Sabres only ahead of the Hurricanes by 3 points, and with 8 games remaining apiece, the game between the two on April 3rd looks to be the game of the year.  The Sabres will be flying into Raleigh for the Sunday, 5pm start.  Along with them, it seems, will be several charter flights, buses, and caravans full of fans decked out in Blue and Gold to cheer the team onto victory.

The insanely popular “HF Boards” has tagged this “Operation Invade RBC Center.”  It’s a thread topic that started with someone remarking “sets of 16 seats still available LOL.”  On the “SabresSpace” forums, the thread entitled “4-3-11 Game at Carolina” is subtitled “you might wanna get your tickets early,” followed by a thread entitled “Making the Trip to Raleigh,” subtitled “ALERT: game approaching sellout!”

Sabres fans are nut jobs. And I love them all.

On Twitter, the campaign has been code-named “Operation Trojan Slug,” and a banner has been created to be held high above the front lines of assault.

Yes, the slug logo is outdated, but it does make for a wonderful (albeit slightly amateurish) mockery of the Hurricane’s logo.  Well done!

There are now only 248 tickets available for the epic contest, according to “Stubhub.”  By means of comparison, for the game at RBC preceding this one (against the Islanders), there are still 904 tickets available.

Meanwhile, it seems that Carolina fans may be throwing in the rally towel already, as the Raleigh Craigslist is already overflowing with tickets for sale to the game versus Buffalo.  It is hard for Sabres fans to comprehend how a fan base might give up on a playoff charge so soon, or that a hockey fan wouldn’t be interested in attending his team’s biggest game of the season, but there are too many deals to count on their Craigslist page.

They fear the stampede, perhaps?

Indeed, Buffalo fans are playoff hungry, and are ponying up their personal time and money to see to it that this team does not falter.  Bring the noise, Sabres fans!

Go forth, and conquer.

Go Sabres.



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One Response to Sabres Fans to Invade Raleigh on April 3rd: “Operation Trojan Slug”

  1. Andrew Michalak says:

    Seems remarkable so many Blue and Gold fans are heading south. Reminds me of the Pittsburgh Steeler fan following at away game sites.

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