Buffalo Sabres: One of the Hottest Teams in the NHL as Playoffs Loom

9 games left to hang onto a precarious 3 point edge over Carolina.

That is what the Buffalo Sabres’ job is, until their regular season schedule closes on April 9. Fans are desperate for the Sabres odds to make it, but at least they can rest assured knowing that 9 is the first composite lucky number.

As long as you’re not left in 9th place, that is.

In any event, the Sabres sit in a golden position today.  Ryan Miller just backstopped a 2-0 shutout of the 6th seed Montreal Canadiens.  He’s hitting his peak at just the right moment.  The Sabres’ depth of scoring – a very powerful element for a playoff team – is really taking off of late:

This is the 2nd reference to Harrington on buffalo74 today: it's "Mike Harrington Day!"

It’s safe to say that Philadelphia and Washington are keeping close tabs on this fight for the 8th spot.  Philly is currently atop Washington by just a point.  As noted earlier today on buffalo74, the Flyers are one of those teams that the Sabres came back from 2 goals down to beat. (Tip-o-the-sunglasses to Harrington for that wonderful information.)

Sure, the Caps and Flyers are primarily focused on their own schedule, and earning the rights to home ice advantage throughout the playoffs.  But at the same time, no one wants to get stuck with a  match up against the Sabres right now.

“Oh please,” you say?

Indeed.  Miller is back at the top of his game, the Sabres are scoring in droves – in fact, the team’s 216 goals for is good enough for 3rd overall in the Eastern conference.  Surprise! Philly has 232, Boston 217.  Washington? 203.

Remember, the playoffs are a different animal: wrought with 1st round upsets, the Big Dance is never reliant on regular season standings.  It’s anyone’s game, once you get in.

If the Sabres do get in – and based on their surging scoring and goaltending, they will – then they will be a hot team to watch.

9 games to go.

Go Sabres.


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