Buffalo Sabres vs. Montreal Canadiens: Quick Didja’ Knows

Montreal is… an interesting place.

During the period of Prohibition (1920 to 1933), Americans flocked to Montreal because it was considered “The Paris of North America.”  And because Montreal had beer.

Montreal is home to the “Cirque de Soleil.”  Iguanas dressed like goblins, peacocks born of trolls, women tangled up in the air in ribbons, AND clowns?  Sounds worth missing to me!

The band "of Montreal" performing. Don't ask me what is going on here. I need a translator.

Montreal recycled the French and Quebec Pavilions from the 1967 Expo into the Casino de Montreal.  How very progressive of them.

Now, if they could only recycle the MLB’s Expos’ old home, “Olympic Stadium,” which no longer has a main tenant, and has a history of financial and structural problems. How very Buffalo of them.

A great place for watching hockey in Montreal is “The Tap Room/Biere en Fut.”  Yes, the two names are due to language laws/les lois linguistics.  The place in located on the hopping Rue St. Denis.  The crowd is lively; anytime the Habs score the bartender rings a huge brass bell.  Oh, and the tables are bolted down, so it is riot-friendly.

Did you know the Habs have won 24 Stanley Cups? Of course you do – Habs fans won’t let up about it.  On a percentage basis, as of 2010, the franchise has won 25% of all Stanley Cup championships contested after the Challenge Cup era (1893-1914), making it one of the most successful pro sports teams of the traditional four major sports of Canada and the US.

The “Montreal Mirror” makes “Artvoice” look like it was designed by lazy college students.

Montreal is an island.

Six Flags affiliate “La Ronde” hosts  the largest wooden roller coaster in the world.  If you ever made it to Crystal Beach to ride “The Comet,” then you know why this is so very cool. If you missed out on the glory days of Crystal Beach, then watch this video for “The Comet” experience (plus, this way, you won’t get a mouth full of sand flies when you scream, and you don’t have to worry about being flung into Lake Erie):

The city hosts a weekly “Tam Tam Jam,” where large masses of people sit down and just start randomly hitting drums.  Actually, that sounds like it might be kinda fun.

There is an underground shopping area beneath Montreal.  Known as “The Underground City,” the sprawling expanse covers 18 miles.

Remember “La Ronde?” It exists on an island created in the 1960’s, made from dirt brought from the excavation the city’s subway system.

The legal drinking age of Montreal is 18 – the lowest in Canada.  That might explain all the hockey riots.

I hoe you’ve enjoyed your tour.

Go Sabres.


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