For Every Hockey Fan: An Absolute Must-Read

This is why opposing fans chant “Miiiiller! Miiiiller!”

And, this is why booing Lalime was such a horrible, horrible idea.

There is much, much more going on here than fans might ever expect. Respect your netminder.

All Sabres fans that attend games at the HSBC arena, or any other hockey game, at any level, should pounce on this link to read up on what turns the gears within that goaltender’s mask before, throughout, and after game-day.

The most mentally focused of positions, goaltending requires an amazing possession and control of one’s inner-most thoughts and instincts.

Yes, NHL goalies are elite, professional, and look for no excuses after a weak game.  But they are also human beings.

All fans – and all professionals of any occupation – should take a minute to read up on this. If it is success that we seek, and we do as fans and as professionals, than this read is a double-investment for us.

And it just might make some fans think twice before booing their own goalie.

Go Sabres.

(Kudos to “The Goalie Guild” for putting this insightful article out today.)


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One Response to For Every Hockey Fan: An Absolute Must-Read

  1. Andrew Michalak says:

    Negative thoughts IN ANY aspect of ones efforts in life limits the level of success in those efforts, or can eliminate completely the opportunity for success. Try getting out of a sand trap if your thinking negatively! DAD.

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