Tyler Ennis among Top 100 NHL Forwards

He won’t win rookie of the year.

Keep on smilin'! Ennis added another goal last night against the Thrashers.

That award is obviously already taken by Jeff Skinner, the 18 year old phenomenon whose 52 points lead all rookies and landed him a spot in the all star game.  However, it hasn’t stopped Ennis from trying: last night’s “Sabres Fan Guide” noted that, in the first half of the season, Ennis was 5th on the team in goals scored, and in the second half he was ranked 4th.

Only Vanek and Stafford claimed a spot in the top 5 for both the 1st and 2nd half, alongside the rook.  Scoring goals is a wonderful thing, but doing it consistently is priceless.

And what a gem he is.  The diminutive forward (5’9″, 157 pounds soaking wet and carrying two bags of Quik-rete) skated into his first full season with the NHL full of verve and gusto, and immediately became one of the best forwards in the game.

He's not small on the stat sheet.

Ennis is in the top 100 for goals and points – and if his ranking of 57th in shots taken tells us anything, it shows that he is fearless about taking a whack at the net.  What is that you said, Lindy Ruff?

“We need to do more offensively. If we’re better offensively it will relieve a little bit of the pressure on our goaltenders so that they don’t always have to pitch a one-goal game for us to get points. Our penalty killing and defensive play has always been strong, so more offense and more consistent goaltending are the two areas we are looking to improve.”

It would appear that Ennis has a good ear for the coach.

He won’t win rookie of the year honors.  But for all intents and purposes, Tyler Ennis has been a dynamic boon for the Buffalo Sabres this year, and there is no sign that he is ever going to let up.

Go Sabres.


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