Sabres Lose; Panicked Fans/Media turn into Angry Mobs on Twitter

Well, that was interesting.

With just a little over 2 minutes left in the 3rd period, and with the Sabres holding a 3-1 lead over a worn-out Nashville squad, Sabres Game Chat on Twitter was a lovefest.

The game was so much fun, and the win for Buffalo seemed so certain, that I found myself sharing this brilliant Rebecca Black parody by Matt Mulholland with fellow fans as time began to wore down in the 3rd:

…which has nothing to do with hockey – I know.  But we were all just having a blast, and oh, I also posted this as well – an actual hockey video featuring a Randy Wood goal and Pat LaFontaine’s Robocop helmet (a truly awesome find on Youtube, and yes, you’re welcome):

Goodtimes, goodtimes.  Then, 3 minutes of bad hockey happened.  The predators scored two freakish goals to tie the game, and quickly followed that up by scoring the winner on the 1st shift of overtime.

The twitter feed went ballistic.  And not just in sheer volume of angry/disappointed tweets, but for the shots fans and media folk were taking at each other.  Oh my, things got very personal, as fans quickly split into two angry tweeting mobs and fired off the nastiest little sentences they could think of as quickly as possible.  (I am certainly not going to name names here, rather, I would like to remain professional.)

The seething factions totally ignored my pleas for peace.  “I think everyone needs to eat a dang cupcake and relax,” was lost on the raging masses.

Twitter needs to post this warning on their sign-up page.

While everyone was trying to ruin each other’s weekends with poorly-informed insults, Rob Ray was on TV talking about the loss, and I think he made a very good point.  His well-informed angle, after talking to the Sabres, (in person, and not on Twitter), was that this is exactly the kind of horrific loss that can actually galvanize a team.  It can bring the players closer together, and push them harder for these last 10 games of the playoff run.

No one looked up long enough from the cat fight to notice that and tweet about Ray’s point, but one person arose from the madness with some actual research, and made a very incisive point on his own.  From out of the maelstrom arose @ntrider825 from the mobs, and this is what he said:

“Losses like that certainly killed the ’10 Blackhawks. and”

Right now, the argument is likely still streaming at 100 tweets a minute, but the dude nailed the argument dead right there – and look – he didn’t include a single word of malice. Very smart, very prepared, and very effective.  I wonder if he is a lawyer?

What those links contain is two box scores from the Chicago Blackhawks of last season – they detail two games where the Hawks had a generous lead, and suffered a 3rd period meltdown and lost.  Then, as we all remember, they marched on and won the Stanley Cup.

Thank you, @ntrider825, for doing my work for me.  No research needed tonight.

Things were going so well.

Anyway, what does this all mean?  Nothing.

Yes, the Sabres suffered their most shocking loss of the season.  As Ray noted, it might make them stronger.  It might not.  We know the Hawks suffered two games like this last season and went on to win the whole dang thing.  The Sabres could do that.  They might not.

All that really matters here is the following:

  1. There are now ten games left.
  2. The Sabres did earn a point, and are up 3 points on Carolina now for the final playoff seed.
  3. The Sabres play Montreal on Tuesday, continuing their playoff push.

That’s it.  Oh, that, and people – eat some cupcakes.

Go Sabres.


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13 Responses to Sabres Lose; Panicked Fans/Media turn into Angry Mobs on Twitter

  1. Alex says:

    damn, you posted too soon to see my comment

    pick up a point yet stay hunger, 1+ game lead on 8th place #silverlining Maybe a loss at this point is better because it keeps them itching for more wins.

  2. boonies says:

    No doubt as you point out , thoughtful opinions are rare on the ‘net when looting and pillaging are so easily at hand…but imagine the storm if this was Alumni Appreciation Day, or whatever it will be called, and we are three points out of eighth place with one game left…you think THIS is ugly?
    Just hde and watch…

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  4. bsn360 says:

    The loss stung. I sure hope this team uses this to better themselves. I’m not one to excuse performances of individuals, but Vanek is snake bit. His chances will certainly yield goals. It’s shame. If he had had a couple goals over the back-to-back nights, we’d certainly be singing an entirely different tune. Credit to him and his line mates. He’s due for a hat trick by Tuesday. Fingers crossed. Has anyone seen Stafford?

  5. Jeff says:

    You cannot compare this team to the 2010 Blackhawks
    The argument is flawed. The hawks ended last season with 112 points; not exactly battling for a playoff spot, this sabres team will finish with roughly 20 fewer points. Of the cited Hawk’s losses, one was to the best team in the league and the other was to a division winning Phx team. Sure, any blown lead is a bad loss but the Hawks didn’t exactly need those points to solidify their playoff chances like the sabres currently need every single point they can get. Not to mention the sabres just blew a lead against an average team with a bad offense.
    I’m not panicking and jumping off the wagon, I’m just saying that the argument doesn’t make sense. According to the logic used by that argument, I could say that the ‘11 Sabres and ’10 Hawks each beat a team by 6 goals, which pretty much makes the ’11 Sabres a shoe in for the cup. Doesn’t make much sense, does it?
    Look at the Sabres March losses to get a good idea of whats going on without attempting to forge some non-existent bond between the ‘10 Hawks and the ’11 Sabres.
    Blown lead against the Preds
    shut out loss at home to a team you’re battling with
    blown third period lead at Toronto,
    blown first period lead at Pittsburgh
    OTL to Car
    Mix those losses in with some really great wins,and here’s what you get: This team is not getting ‘beat’ per say, but they’re losing games they should win. That’s either a recipe for a team that is unable to put a good team away when it matters most, or like Ray said yesterday, it could prime a team for an unlikely playoff push. It remains to be seen, but one thing’s for sure, this team is not the 2010 Blackhawks

  6. David Muscalo says:

    What is all the excitement about? The Sabres are a mediocre team that may or may not make the playoffs. Brad Boyes is not Sidney Crosby. If they do make the playoffs, they will be eliminated in the first round – probably in four, possibly, five games.

    It’s time to consider the necessary subtractions and additions that will be necessary to make in the off season to assure that next year’s team is genuinely competetive and worth pouring one’s emotion into.

    • scottymcss says:

      Conjecture, except for the “Brad Boyes is not Sidney Crosby” part. Then again, Crosby is unfortunately not going to be Crosby for a long time.

      The playoffs are a different animal than the regular season: Buffalo won the NE division last year and were ousted quickly by the Bruins. Really, over the history of the playoffs, how many upsets have we seen? There are upsets at every level every year.

      Anything is possible. You can bandwagon on the odds and claim victory when the lesser seeds are ousted all you want. But the fact is, nothing is guaranteed. (And yes, for the Sabres, that includes a visit to the finals – and making or missing the playoffs right now.)

      Like I noted, only 3 things matter: 10 games left, next game is against the Habs, currently 3 points up on Carolina.

  7. Gary Cavaretta says:

    What can I say. The loss should not have happened but it did. What was the reason? The Sabres are not putting critical games away. They may be getting too comfortable when they get a 2 goal lead. They definitly were playing a good game against Nashville,
    but Nashville ended up with all the smiles on their faces. Did you notice Miller leaving the ring? He was pissed and I don’t blame him. He did his job for sure, but he is not a miracle worker. With a little over 2 minutes left in the game, if they could not clear their zone–then they should ice it. Each icing would take 15 seconds off the clock and Nashville would still have to win the faceoff. The loss to Carolina was only because we could not score a goal. LOL

    • scottymcss says:

      No one can claim one reason for this loss. Every team has a weird meltdown or two every year. It’s best to just move on to the last 10 games.

      As for Miller, it’s important to understand the mentality of the netminder, and how that all comes to a close at the end of a game like this. I highly recommend that everyone concerned or upset about Miller’s quick exit read “Eliminating Cognitive Dissonance” by the Goalie Guild:

      Great, great hockey read for all fans in general, really, if they really want to know how the gears turn within that goalie mask.

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