Sabres Game Chat Twitter BINGO: Special Fan Edition!

Hello, folks.

It’s been nice to hear from so many of you in praise of my Sabres Game Chat Twitter BINGO cards.  So nice, in fact, that I’d like to try something new: taking suggestions.

An old favorite. (Click to enlarge.)

Feel free to drop your idea for a snarky BINGO square in the comments section below.  If inspiration hits you on the run, you can also send me your snark via Twitter at @ScottyMCSS.  Make sure you use the hashtag, “#SABREBINGO.”

The next edition of BINGO is set to debut for the Habs game on Tusday night.  The broadcast will be MSG.

That means that – beyond the vast scope of puns available regarding the Montreal Canadiens and their insane fans – you are free to pun-slap Harry Neale, RJ, Rob Ray, Kevin Sylvester, heck, even the sturdy as an oak Mike Robitaille.

Ok, hooligans, you have your mission.

Go Sabres.


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