A Buffalo Sabres Player – on Twitter?

The Buffalo Sabres have a policy that prevents their players from appearing on the watch-what-you-type social network, Twitter.

However, that doesn’t mean said policy applies to their prospects.  It appears that at least one of the most highly touted members of the future Blue and Gold has found use of the site – and found it useful enough to befriend Taylor Swift, as can be seen in Pysyk’s “yfrog” photo below.

A jersey prepped and ready to go to Miss Swift.

It is important to note that Pysyk’s Twitter account has not been “verified” by Twitter itself, but the pictures he includes, along with the conversation he has with other members of the Oil Kings, would make this one very complex and non-publicized hoax.  More photos from his Twitter feed:

And he sure looks like himself.

Pysyk continues to enjoy a solid run in the WHA, with 6 goals and 34 assists in 60 games.  His huge plus minus ratio of +29 leads all Sabres prospects across the board.

Well done, Mark.

For those of you that are interested in checking his Twitter feed and “yfrog” pics out for yourselves, Mark can be found @mpysyk03.

Go Sabres.


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