Sabres to Keep Alternate Jersey, until…

The alternate is the only current jersey version that the Sabres have that sticks to the original colors.

And it’s gorgeous.

As announced by “,” (an incredibly reliable source) – the alternate jersey will be on the backs of the Buffalo Sabres until at least the end of the 2011-12 season.

“The Sabres will hang onto the alternate sweater they introduced this season as part of their 40th anniversary celebration.

Though nothing is changing, I thought it worth mentioning here as some thought perhaps the jersey would be worn only this season and then retired. In fact, it seems the royal blue will hang around at least one more year. Possibly longer.

Also, the jersey does feature the throwback Sabres logo with their founding year, 1970, set inside. This was used as the team’s 40th anniversary mark but it’s not specific to this year, which means it’s likely to stay on the sweater.

It goes without saying, but Buffalo’s home and road uniforms will also stay the same for 2011-12. Overall, this might be the best set of sweaters in the NHL. And it’s all because they’re paying attention to their past and their fans.”

The best set in the NHL?  Well, at least the team is best at something.

Go Sabres.


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