Sabres “Fan Tunes” Feature Backfires, Fans Tortured Via very Non-elaborate Twitter Hoax

I’m sure the Sabres never meant to torture their fans.  But apparently, they did.

The Sabres just introduced a new program that lets fans choose some of the songs to be played at the HSBC arena on game night.  The idea is simple enough: fans can just type what song they want into Twitter, followed by #SABRETUNES.

It’s fun to have a hand in what gets blared out of the speakers at the arena, but whoever is in charge of the jukebox didn’t count on fans slipping in snarky suggestions.  The Sabres need to remember that Twitter doesn’t have a sarcasm filter.

They didn't catch the "hahaha?" Oh, Sabres.


Ok, I admit, after the initial shock, I had to laugh when they actually played this song.

So, sports fans, that is exactly how the notoriously mocked Rebbeca Black song “Friday” descended upon the unfortunate ears of fans in attendance of the Sabres/Canes game last night.  Click “play,” if you dare:

Sure gets you pumped, doesn’t it? At least for the play to restart so the song is mercifully killed.  To put just how horrific this track is into perspective, at least one Yahoo! blogger considers it as potentially the worst song ever written.  EVER.  Still, it is not as if fans weren’t warned.  From the Sabres’ web site yesterday:

Free programs? How about free earplugs?

From the comments section under that music warning chart:

Well, at least we know two fans were prepared.

Kudos to @SabreKallision, though, who proved once again that the internet can be used as a weapon that, if utilized cleverly enough, can deliver a wicked pun to 18,595 people all at once.

Well played, @SabreKallision.  Well played.

Looks like someone just got their five minutes of fame. Or infamy.

Go Sabres.

UPDATE: “Perpetrator” Danielleia wrote today in her blog, Sabre Kallisions, about the tweet, the backlash, and what it all boils down to as a fan caught up in a Twitter storm.


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3 Responses to Sabres “Fan Tunes” Feature Backfires, Fans Tortured Via very Non-elaborate Twitter Hoax

  1. TheTickSP says:

    Still waiting for my Rick Astley – Never Gonna Give You Up request to be actioned.

  2. strompf says:

    The Sabres know they should play Mastadon this weekend the first time Stafford comes out on the powerplay right? Can you imagine how much rage he would show if they cranked something mean like seabeast, hearts alive, or colony of birchman

    I GUARANTEE he would show emotion – and would be classic TV

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