Effort to Erect Statue of French Connection Underway

Hey, we might finally have a statue more photographed than the one of "David" in Delaware park!

Why hasn’t anyone thought of this before?

Or, if someone did, how is it possible that this has not happened yet? It seems like a no-brainer to get this done, to honor the greatest trio of Buffalo Sabres players to ever take the ice together.

It’s almost a shame, now a day after Rick Martin’s passing, that there is not such a memorial at the HSBC, where fans could now be leaving flowers and well wishes to the Martin family.

That being said, enjoy this vintage clip featuring the song “Look Out! Here Comes the French Connection.”


Let’s get this done, folks.  Head on over to Sabres.com and enter the idea into the suggestion box, and join the effort here.

Any local artists interested in such a project should join the group, hit that suggestion box, and let their interest known as soon as possible. I have a feeling this project could be taken up by Terrence Pegula very quickly.

And by all means, put three dedicated park benches around it.  This way, when fans bring their kids to the arena, each new generation can bask among the magnificence that was the French Connection.

And I’ll be having my picture taken in one of each of those three benches.

Go Sabres.

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1 Response to Effort to Erect Statue of French Connection Underway

  1. Brent Haynes says:

    I believe it is currently being sculpted by internationally known sculptorJerry McKenna of Texas

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