Locked out? How to Spend Your NFL Money

So, it looks like the NFL is in a lockout.

My one-picture preview of the NFL season.

I am not going to look into it.  I am not going to share my opinion of it, because frankly, I don’t want to waste my time.  I’ll leave the NFL and NFLPA to squabble over their billions in peace.

Non-billionaire football fans still live in a nation struggling day-to-day to survive one of the rockiest economic sinkholes in a century.  If any of us has found a way to save up any money for football this year, there are plenty of ways to put that fun money to good use.

A handy sports list:

I am certain I missed some, but that list is a nice start.

Meanwhile, don’t forget to tailgate over at the bars and restaurants near One Bills Drive – you know, the ones that depend on NFL games to meet their yearly bottom line.  There’s a lot of folks and families that look to lose their jobs, squeezed by the uber-rich and their fancy NFL lockout.  Here’s a link to a list compiled by “Citysearch” of eateries popular on NFL football Sunday.

As for Sunday, use the newfound spare time to your best advantage.  Me? I love this father-son idea of dusting off the old electronic football, and playing “old school style!”

Can you believe that showboater turned around at the goal line?

Go Bills. Go fans.


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  1. rich says:

    nice post, bro 🙂

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