Sabres “Fight Song” Petition Update: VICTORY!!

From the Buffalo Sabres official website:


Would it be possible to play new or different music from game to game?

While musical tastes vary from person to person, the Sabres will make an even greater effort to play songs from a variety of genres.  In addition, will begin accepting musical suggestions from fans in the near future, asking for submissions to include song title, artist, and at what point during a game you think this track would be most appropriate to play (pre-game warm-ups, following a goal, etc.).

Jen Dunford – Director of Game Presentation

Thanks to all that participated in the online petition, submitted requests to the Sabres’ “suggestion box,” and carried the conversation online on Twitter/Facebook, etc.

Tip-o-the-sunglasses to “” for partnering in the collaboration effort to bring the petition together, and to bring it to Sabres fans world-wide.  A second tip to Buffalo Rising, for expressing their interest in the movement.

Buffalo74 certainly cannot claim that the petition was the sole reason for the new culture of music at the HSBC, but one way or another, the call was heard.  You will find a link to the Sabres’ site that is accepting song suggestions here, when it does appear.

Go Sabres.


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