Tyler Ennis Sticks it to the Boston Bruins, Again, and Again, and Again…

The Boston Bruins might want to spend some time reviewing tape of Tyler Ennis.

Last night, Ennis raced all over the Bruins, registering a goal and an assist.  It’s something that has become a pattern for Ennis and Boston.  You can view how Ennis began the comeback when the Sabres were down 2-0 here.

Again, this is nothing new.  Ennis began menacing the Bruins’ netminders in the 2009-10 playoffs, when he scored 4 points in the Sabres’ 6 game losing effort.  If that series taught Boston anything, it should have been to never, ever, take your eyes off little ol’ #63:

It doesn’t seem that Boston learned their lesson.  This year, Ennis has recorded 4 points in the 6 games the Sabres have faced off against the Bruins.  It’s the most points he has had against a single team, save the hapless Islanders (Ennis has 7 points against them).

Ennis has been more than a frustrating anomoly for Claude Julien's Bruins.

That’s a serious matter – the Sabres have won 4 of those 6 games against the Bruins this season.  4 is the magic number that wins a 7 game playoff series, and if the NHL standings finish the way they stand today, the Bruins will be hosting Ennis and the Sabres in the 1st round.

Not that the Bruins really had a chance on this play back on January 1st (hit the 3:14 mark), but all the same – he’s becoming a Bruin-killer:

Sure, last year Zdeno Chara and the Bruins used every inch of their size advantage to keep the Sabres at bay, but even after plays like this, Ennis kept finding the scoreboard:

Size matters.  But then again, so does skill – and experience.  The more experience Ennis gets against Boston, the better he gets.  Meanwhile, the Bruins haven’t figured out what the heck to do about it.

I say start the playoffs now.  Bring on the Bruins, and unleash the Menace.

Go Sabres.



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