Rob Niedermayer Hands “Team Goat” Title off to…


It looks like we won’t have Rob Niedermayer to kick around anymore.  With 2 goals in the last 2 games, Niedermayer is suddenly holding the Sabres’ hottest stick.

Niedermayer has been the butt of jokes throughout his stint with the Buffalo Sabres, due to his inexplicable inability to score a goal.  He even kicked off his own Twitter trends during Sabres game chat, including the very popular “#BetterThanRobNiedermayer,” which was launched at the peak of his slump.  Just insert anything in front of the hash tag.  Instant pun.

Oh, how things have changed.

His slump was so ugly, that Sabres blog “Die by the Blade” was prompted to poll the fan base waaaay back on January 29th, for opinion on when Niedermayer would finally score.  The selections weren’t which game, which opponent or even which week.  The selections were “February,” “March,” and “April.”

With 42% of the vote, “He Won’t” won the poll.  Ouch.

Now, with those quick 2 goals, Rob Niedermayer has gone from joke to hero.  As a checking line center, his 15 points in 55 games doesn’t look all that terrible anymore.

“Everybody was happy,” Lindy Ruff said after Niedermayer’s first goal, against the Wild.  “He’s worked hard and it was a big goal for us at that time. We need him in a limited role. A lot of time it’s defensive or killing penalties but we need those guys to chip in goals.”

So, now that Niedermayer is off the hook, who is going to fill the void as team goat?  It’s not the prettiest role, for sure, but fans demand that someone is to blame when things don’t go as planned.

Lalime has an assist? Who knew?

Chin up, Butler.  Looks like it’s your turn.

And so it begins.

Go Sabres.


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