Happy 500th Birthday, Gilbert Perreault!

March 9, 1986.

Memorial Auditorium.

Gilbert Perreault takes a pass from Mike Foligno and beats Devils’ goalie Alain Chevrier with a quick shot from the slot, scoring the 500th goal of his NHL career.  Perrault would retire after the 1986-87 season, but not before putting up 512 goals and 814 assists.

And he did it all in a Sabres uniform.

Author's re-enactment.

If you got all caught up in the spirit of that 500th mark, be sure to head on down to Lackawanna High School (550 Martin Road) for a game tonight between the Buffalo Sabres Alumni and the School faculty.  It’s a basketball game, but it’s for the good cause of education.  Game time is 7pm.

Go Sabres.  Go Faculty.


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