Random Sabres Rivalry Post: Sad, Sad Leafs

The Toronto Maple Leafs and Buffalo Sabres have a great depth of feeling towards each other – so long as that feeling is contempt.  What else could drive fans to put a Leafs trading card in each urinal of the HSBC arena when the Leafs come to play in Buffalo?  Not just one card – but a card for each player on the entire Toronto roster?

Yeah, that’s a little gross, but it’s also a whole lotta’ awesome.  So, with all due unrespect, here’s a quick photo montage to brighten the day of all the Leafs haters of Sabres Nation.



A winning attitude starts from the bench.



It’s probably easier to hide behind your mask there, pal. Just sayin’.
Don’t worry – this “Sweet Leaf” isn’t sad. Maybe a little paranoid, but not sad.
You can exhale now, Kaberle. Good luck in Boston, I hear it’s nice this time of the year!
DOT COM? Wow. Leafs fans took the paper bag head into the 21st century!
Unexpected GM Duty: Burke “feeling out” various seats to determine from where those waffles can hit the ice.
You too can read all about how the Leafs suck, for just $19.67! Nice play on numbers there (as you will soon see).
Hey! Don’t take it out on us!
And there it is, the play on numbers is explained. Still, it doesn’t explain why someone would pay this much money to not support their team. If you hear “SUCK IT, LEAFS” at the Air Canada Centre from the upper levels, it’s probably this guy. Or maybe he’s just given up and is moving to Philly. Good luck, eh?



If Leafs' fans forget their own waffles, you can always depend on freaky Canucks fans to bring them in.

OK Burke, you can stop scouting the seats. I think I found your waffle tosser.

Go Sabres.



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2 Responses to Random Sabres Rivalry Post: Sad, Sad Leafs

  1. Jonahan says:

    This post is full of win.

    Perhaps in a future article you can speak to the waffle tossing – I hadn’t heard of it before this. :-p

  2. scottymcss says:

    “Waffle Tossers” is such a lovely name for Leafs fans. A post about it is in order. Thanks!

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