Happy Paczki Day/Gamenite! Polish/Hockey T-shirts and Doughnuts for Everyone!

It’s Paczki Day in Buffalo – and it’s Sabres game night!

One of Jabco's finest.

That means it’s time for long (albeit speedy) lines at your local baker, as folks line up for a taste of those sweet, decadent, “Polish doughnuts.”

Another of Jabco's finest, which also makes me hungry.

It’s also a big day at the Broadway Market.  Located at 999 Broadway, between Gibson and Lombard Streets in Buffalo (near the old Train Station), the Market has been serving Polish and other plenty of other fare since 1888.  We’re talkin’ meat, poultry, produce, delis, candy stands, restaurants, and family owned businesses.

Go green with Jimmy Griffin!

One such family business that recently joined the Market in the last couple years is Jabco General Store, responsible for creating some of the more creative T-Shirts – for only 10 bucks – in this small town city.  And heck, if you’re not into the whole Polish thing, they also have shirts featuring the old Aud, and even a line of shirts to prepare for the coming St. Patrick’s Day.

Jabco started off on Main Street in the Main Place Mall (across from the old AM&A’s building), but has since expanded to the Market and to the Galleria Mall.  It’s well worth a visit, and the shirts are well worth a dollar (or ten).

If hockey is primarily on your mind, hit this link to head on over to TwoEightNine Design, home of some of the best Sabres T-shirts you will find anywhere.

Besides “The Big Easy” tee pictured (left), TwoEightNine has produced some really spectactular head-turning designs to wear on game day.

Besides Myers, shirts feature logos such as “Kaleta Collision,” Taro Tsujimoto’s Tokyo Katana’s team logo (a fictitious and very eye catching Sabres logo theme – sure to spark conversation at your favorite Buffalo bar), along with shirts honoring Ryan Miller and the French Connection.

Ok folks, put your jackets on and head on down to the Market’s E.M Chrusciki or White Eagle bakeries and Jabco – or stay online and visit Jabco and TwoEightNine.

It’s Paczki Day, game night, and time to celebrate!

Go Sabres.


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