Sabres Hexed by Carolina Voodoo

Hockey players are a superstitious lot.  I am not saying that they are up there with the likes of Pedro Cerrano, but it seemed as if someone definitely put a hex over the Sabres’ sticks last night.

Note to Rip Simonick: if it works for bats, maybe it can work for sticks too.

In the 1st period, Thomas Vanek was the first to be bitten by the snake.  He skated in on Cam Ward alone, left Ward behind him, then deftly slid the puck towards the net on his backhand.  The puck inexplicably lifted up on its edge, and glided a-tilt harmlessly along the goal line, before exiting the blue paint and sliding towards the corner boards.

In the third period, Tyler Ennis found himself man-to-man with Cam Ward.  Ennis pulled the Canes’ netminder along the ice, then slid the puck smartly between Ward’s pads.  Again, the puck slid through the blue paint, somehow missing the net.  Interesting coincidence.

Later, Brad Boyes would hit the post during a third period power play.  Soon after, Ennis rifled a shot towards the high glove side corner of Ward.  Ding!  Post.  The trend turns from coincidental to mysterious at this point, wouldn’t you say?

Sure, Ryan Miller had an off night, allowing two goals in regulation that he definitely should have stopped.  But I am not blaming this on Miller.  Oh no.  There was something subversive going on under the ice last night – and it wasn’t the poor ice conditions that Steve Montador noted after the game was over.  That’s classic skeptic talk.

Yep, we all know what was going on here:  a little bit of Southern Voodoo.

Superstitious or not, a game like this puts a hex on a team – it’s something that is going to be in the back of the minds of Vanek and Ennis, until they do score again.  So, without further ado, buffalo74 presents Sabres Equipment Manager Rip Simonick with the antidote:

"Hockey Jobu" is currently accepting offers from players and fans alike. Just sayin'.

  • One shot of rum.
  • A lit cigar.
  • An egg.
  • Or a chicken leg.
  • Or a whole chicken.
  • Or just go to Hot Topic and grab random doodads off the shelf.

Or, Rip, just use your Blackberry and hop on

The Sabres face off against the Flyers in Philly at 1pm on Saturday, so fans have until then to make certain that their lucky underwear stays unwashed, their miniature Miller masks are in polar alignment on top of the bureau, and to ensure Niedermayer scores a goal in a game of NHL’11.  Or whatever weird stuff you all do in your homes to give the Sabres their edge.  Just make sure it gets done, folks.

Heck, the Sabres are going to need all the Jobu they can get.  Buffalo is still idle in 9th place, unable so far to finally crack into the eighth, and final playoff spot.  They trail Carolina by 3 points now, and New York by 2.  Meanwhile, Toronto has snuck up, trailing the Sabres by only 2 points.  There are 4 teams, and just 2 spots to fight for.

The Sabres have 2 games in hand over Carolina, 3 games over the Rangers, and 2 over Toronto.  But that isn’t enough for a team that looks like it has been marked.

Get your Jobus ready, folks.  We’re up against supernatural forces on this road trip.

Go Sabres.


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