Glen Altman: Behind the Sabres’ Anthem “Blue and Yellow” – and “Part Two”

Terrence Pegula took a stand on February 23rd, and essentially named himself the Sabres #1 fan.  Fair enough, it’s hard to beat owning the team.  Or is it?

All Sabres fans have a long, ardent history with this club – every one of us have given a pound of flesh, or dug a well of tears, at one point or another.  Some of us have even gone out of our way to dive down into that well, and used its contents to draw something refreshing out of it – something good, something hopeful – something for all of us fans to rally around.  That is where Glen Altman comes in.

Altman is the guy behind the “Blue and Yellow” Sabres anthem – a track that has drawn out enough gung-ho adrenaline from of the fans of the Blue and Gold that the song quickly found itself being pumped out into the crowd at the HSBC arena.  Since then, fans at the arena, or on Twitter, have been asking each other, “Who is this guy?”

Buffalo74 was lucky enough to stumble into him on the interwebs, and it was pleasing to hear that he is one us – a big time fan who dreams of championships, while pursuing his own dreams.  Buffalo, meet Glen.  Glen, Buffalo:

Your MC for this post, Glen Altman.

“I’m 20 years old.  I live in Niagara Falls, I been writing lyrics since the age of 13 and just recently this year I went ahead and put together some music to support my favorite team in any sport.”  Welcome aboard!  Actually, Altman has been a fan of the Sabres for a long, long time.

“I been following the buffalo sabers since a little kid – I would watch every game  even if it was their last one of the season and they were in last place in the NHL – now that’s a Sabre fan.”  Oh yeah, he gets it.  And what of that anthem?

You there. The fans in the corner. The quiet ones. It's time to get up on your feet, and make some "noooooise!!".

“I write other music as well but as far as the buffalo sabres… I’m looking to supply the fans with music that can pump them up during the game, when a goal is scored, or when there coming out on the ice.  A lot of people are already familiar with it (“Blue and Yellow), as of today it has 11,000 views.”  Enough to almost fill the arena, folks.

“If we make the playoffs this year, getting on a stage and performing the music as well would be awesome too… I just wanna’ fill in that gap that Buffalo has right now, and that gap is lacking someone who can be a supplier to the fans with music that can get the stadium rockin’, something that everyone can be familiar with.”

At 20 years old, Altman is not a stranger to the stage or the music scene.  He has appeared live at the Pure Nightclub on Chippewa, and has put together a discography of tracks which fans of music and/or the Sabres can check out on his website (  Oh, and if you liked his first anthem, yep – you guessed it – he just put out a second, accordingly entitled “Sabres Anthem, Part 2.”

Terry may have bought the team, and goodness – thanks for that, but if there is anything Altman tells us, it’s that the “Blue and Yellow” banner still belongs to all of us.  Pegula caught Sabres Nation’s attention with his tears at the podium – but now it’s time for us to get up on off of our seats, and get hoppin’.

Thanks, Glen.

Go Sabres.


Altman had one more thing to say after this post went live, a thank you and a teaser for Sabres fans.

“Thanks for the support!  I’ll continue to supply music for our die hard fans out there.  With the season coming down to are last few games, I have to promise the fans of our Buffalo Sabres team at least one more song before the season ends.”

We’re looking forward to it – and we’ll hold you to it, Glen.


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3 Responses to Glen Altman: Behind the Sabres’ Anthem “Blue and Yellow” – and “Part Two”

  1. ssmorol says:

    Very cool. That is a great story. It is good to see fans who care enough about the team to share their talents for everyone to enjoy. For the record, my 4yo daughter asks me to play the Blue and Yellow video on my phone almost nightly. lol. I’m not one to toot my own horn, but that is solid parenting. We need to grow the next generation of Sabres fans, so the next Glen Altman is out there, somewhere. And, thanks Glen.

  2. frankie says:

    glen is the man great music

  3. glen altman says:

    new anthem this year, check it out..

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