Cam Newton: Have the Bills caught Happy Rabies?

I like to say that Cam Newton has “happy rabies.”


It spreads quickly.

He is packed full of jubilation, and it is infectious.  His celebrations set the crowds on fire; his play on the field brings the happiness of victory that carries over the stands, through the locker room, into the streets, and all the way to next week’s matchup.


Everyone already knows of his freakish physical talents, but it is his rare ability to rally teammates and crowds alike that is so difficult to find these days.  When Newton delivers another victory to his team and to the stands, he lets go of modesty – but it’s not about him – he makes it about the team, and the crowd.  And he does it so well.

Cam Newton has full ownership of his teams, and of the crowd, and after his virulent passion spreads through all of those ranks – watch out.  It’s been impossible, so far, to stop a football team and a football crowd all juiced up on Newton’s “happy rabies.”

No one can say whether or not the Buffalo Bills will draft Newton with their 3rd overall selection in the upcoming draft.  Frankly, a growing consensus is saying that he will go to Carolina, 1st overall, as the Panthers are the latest to fall victim to the promise of his infectious talent and personality.

If the Bills do select him, hang onto your butts, sports fans.  It will be a wild, crazed ride.

Go Bills.


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