Brad Boyes joins Sabres Factoid History

Brad Boyes was limited to one shot on net last night versus the New York Rangers.  As it turns out, that was all he needed.

Boyes didn’t waste much time, either, in finding the back of the net for the Buffalo Sabres.  Boyes scored on the powerplay, with seven minutes left in the second period.  It was a pretty nifty shot, too – as Ira Podell, of the Associated Press wrote:

Watch out! That stick is lethal.

“He was the recipient of a perfect pass from Gaustad, who blocked a shot from the blue line by teammate Andrej Sekera(notes) and deftly slid a blind pass between his legs and across the crease to Boyes at the left post for a slam shot.

Hardly the type of play one would expect from guys playing together for the first time.”

“It was a great pass,” Boyes said. “We talked about it earlier that if something like that happens, he might do that so I was kind of looking for it. It was a lot easier on my part and a little tougher on the other guy’s.”

Well said, Ira, (though I am not sure what a “slam shot” is).  Here’s a video of the goal:

Welcome to the team, Brad, though based on that play it feels like you’ve been on the team for a while.  Oh, and welcome to the record books.  Boyes now joins some sparse company in Sabres history.  From The Ultimate Buffalo Sabres Factoid Miscellany:

Quick Starts

Rob Ray, Danny Gare, Alex Mogilny, and Denis Hamel scored on their first NHL shifts.  Pat LaFontaine and Geoff Sanderson scored on their first shifts with the Sabres.  Stu Barnes registered a hat trick during his first game with the Blue and Gold.  Most recently, Paul Byron scored his 1st NHL goal on his 1st NHL shot (in his second game played).

Boyes now joins that group, after scoring on his first shot as a Sabre.  Here’s to hoping it is a portent of things to come.

Go Sabres.


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