On Objective Media, and the Buffalo Sabres

I am not going to name names.

It’s wholly unnecessary.  Besides, it’s not just the media, but many fans as well, that have gone from criticism to outright censure of the Buffalo Sabres these days  – all of which are stuck in the same spot as I am – Cupless, and dreaming for that first championship.

But I will say this.  It is easy to write negative things about sports.  Throughout a game, or a season, the bad moments stick out “like a sore thumb.”  There is a reason that simile exists.  Sore thumbs can’t go without being noticed.  It’s the healthy parts that can be hard to pick up on when something pains you.

Goodness, there are a lot of sore thumbs in this town.

If you’ve ever been subjected to a poetry reading, you might know what I mean.  How many people put pen to paper, and then stand up at the mike waxing about happiness, as opposed to those who take the stage to vent, unleash, or just spill their bile over whatever part of society that they just don’t get along with – or just don’t get?  A safe number is about 99% of amateur poetry is all about venting.  It’s just so easy to write about hurt, about pain, and about disappointment.

If you haven’t been to a poetry reading, just turn on the radio or read the newspaper.  These days, more and more, they sound just like an awful poetry reading.

On buffalo74, I try very hard to remain “objective” – that’s the word du jour, isn’t it?  I try to straddle the fence between criticism and idolatry, and I think I do a fair job.  Heck, it would be easy to rip Tyler Myers a new one for his drop off in play in his sophomore season.  Instead, I did some work, and found out that there are reasons why Myers is not as good as he was last year – fair, legitimate reasons – and from there, I found reasons to be quite optimistic about his future.

It wasn’t sheer brilliance on my part.  It merely involved work.  I am not getting paid to work on this blog, but in this post I am absolutely holding to task those that are paid to write about the Sabres in this sports-weary town.


To censure is to censor, and to cut out much of the whole story.

Again, I am not going to name names.


When a writer or radio/tv personality goes from sharp, smart criticism and descends into a wallowing pit of stubborn, political censure, then he or she no longer has a place in the field.  The job is to cover sports, folks.  Using the forum of professional media to vent and point out all the bad bits about a franchise that stick out is simply lazy, and there is no excuse for that.

To “cover” sports means to look at everything, not to suffocate every last good thing about it until your readers can no longer see the good in anything.

Talk about a captive audience.  Convince people that the end of the world is coming, and they will follow you anywhere.  It makes for great circulation, I’m sure.

Me?  I’ll just keep doing my work.

Go Sabres.


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One Response to On Objective Media, and the Buffalo Sabres

  1. Nate says:

    Well stated.

    This is exactly how I feel about the local sports media coverage of late. It would be refreshing if they had a change of attitude. It is depressing and mentally taxing to listen/read the work of many of these writers and personalities.

    Sports are about entertainment, not brainwashing people into depression because they from the same area or favor the same team.

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