The Mike Weber Watch

Buffalo74 has gone under a little aesthetic construction this morning.  Gone is the picture of my own grinning mug (and winter rally beard), replaced with the smiling mug of one Mike Weber.

Mike, it’s an honor.  Enjoy your stay on the side bar – here, your drinks are on the house, and we will actually discuss your play.

It is Weber’s play that is the reason for this change.  As recently discussed on buffalo74, Weber’s staunch defensive play just isn’t getting the coverage it warrants.  As a fan, I have been frustrated by the lack of information on this guy coming out of the professional medias, and even out of basic search engines.

Greenhouses? Geez. Time to do the "advanced search."

Tip-o-the-hat to Kate over at “The Willful Caboose” for inspiring the screen grab.

In any event, there is now an instant source for quick-hit statistical information on Weber’s game-to-game performances, and fans can find it here.  Under his picture on that side bar over there, you’ll find the date of his last game, along with a few numbers from his effort and where he ranked amongst his teammates.  A little more in-depth information on his game will appear at some point in a post throughout the day.

Sounds simple, doesn’t it?  Well, it is.  I am just surprised no one else is already really covering him, and his play this season.

So, here we go:

Last night, Weber racked up 5 hits – putting him over the century mark for the season, with 101 total.  His 19:41 minutes of ice time was good enough for third best on the squad.  He didn’t register any points, but was a steady +/- 0 on the ice.

His biggest impact in the game was felt early on – a heavy crunch on Ottawa’s Bobby Butler earned Weber a 2 minute boarding penalty, but essentially shook Butler up enough to take him off his game for the night.  The tone-setting thump helped ensure that Butler would be a non-factor, as the Sens’ AHL call-up finished with just 3 shots and as a minus 2 on the night.  Previously, Butler had gained 5 goals and 2 assists in 5 games playing on the top line alongside Jason Spezza.

Well done, Mike.

Go Sabres.


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