A Wonderful Pegula Day Synopsis; Paille On Thin Ice, Again

After a quick scouring of the newspapers of NHL cities on-line, there was nary a incisive comment to find about the sale of the Buffalo Sabres to multi-billionaire Terry Pegula.  The search did, however, reveal more tough times for former Sabres winger Danny Paille.

The Montreal Gazette was one of the few papers to speculate over the momentous change of hands of the Sabres franchise, and what the whole thing might mean for their own beloved  Canadiens:

“Pegula, who has made billions in the oil and gas business, said he wasn’t in the NHL to make money. He said yesterday if he needs money, he’ll drill another well. If the Sabres are buyers, they’re in a good position because they can add players with salaries totaling $14 million. By comparison, the Canadiens can add a player in the $4-million range.”

In fact, in their article (entitled “It’s Drill, Baby, Drill for Sabres,”) the Gazette explored the immediate impact in micro-detail:

Montreal is sounding an early alert.

“The Sabres have plenty of cap room and the ability to clear more, but the word out of Buffalo is that the Sabres won’t be buyers unless they are within four points of a playoff spot. They are currently five points behind eighthplace Carolina, but they have three games in hand and the three games before the trade deadline are crucial. The Sabres are home for all three contests, against Atlanta tonight, Ottawa on Friday and Detroit on Saturday.”

It sounds like the paper is bracing fans for quite the forecheck.

Here in Sabreland, Kate over at “The Willful Caboose” had a wonderful Pegula Day synopsis.  It’s a must read for fans abuzz over Mr. Pegula, as Kate judiciously and sentimentally describes what yesterday means to the team, the community, and the future of our lives as Sabres fans. Click on the link, and enjoy.

Meanwhile, former Sabre Danny Paille has found his way on the healthy scratch list again.  The left winger with the big future that just has never come to fruition is emerging as the odd man out in Beantown, as the Bruins now have all three of their new acquisitions -forwards Rich Peverley and Chris Kelly (and defenseman Tomas Kaberle).

Paille had been only finding a role on the fourth line recently, and with the Bruins’ new offensive depth, rookie Tyler Seguin has taken over the final spot, forcing Paille off the ice.  Danny isn’t finding much support in town, either.  In the Boston Herald, a fan poll revealed that Paille was the man best suited for the press box.

The Sabres had traded him to Boston Bruins in exchange for Boston’s third-round selection in the 2010 Entry Draft.  That pick turned into center prospect Kevin Sundher, who is tearing up the WHL in points and with some heavy hands:

Good luck to Paille.  If there is anything the NHL teaches us, it is that it is a constant environment of change and turnover – whether that means in the ownership or player departments.  Teams always have to make room for the next best thing.

Go Sabres.


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